Need Catering? We know someone!

September 19, 2018

Imagine the following: You have been on a long (or maybe also not so long) flight to Mallorca, the pick-up of your rental car needed way more time than expected, you are tired, you are hungry, and you could not be less in a mood to go grocery shopping before your arrival at the holiday home.

Good for you that we have a pretty easy solution for that: Get in touch with Alessia Catering! And let her handle the rest!



What makes your holiday in Mallorca even better? Right, someone cooking for you. Alessia Sartorio and her lovely team are committed to give you a unique culinary experience and create menus or dishes exactly the way you are imagining them.

Fancy a classic Spanish paella on your first night? No problem! Thinking about having a big barbecue with your family and friends? No problem! Need someone to fill up your fridge with basic groceries the day of your arrival? Absolutely no problem! Alessia makes it possible, her experience and knowledge enable her to create the perfect individual menu for you, with fresh and local products and adding her own personal touch, all in accordance with your wishes and ideas.

And we do not just say that out of the blue. We have worked with her several times in the past and have always received very positive feedback from our guests, especially emphasizing her kindness and commitment to her work. That is why we are happy to pass her information to our guests who are in search of a caterer for their stay, because we know she is doing her best to meet all the expectations they might have.


Anyone still looking for a great caterer in Mallorca, we can highly recommend Alessia Catering. Check out her website to find out more!


With this in mind: Bon profit! (Have a nice meal in mallorquin)



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Rental or General Enquiries:

or call: +34 871 951 132 


Calle Sant Joan, 5
07012 Palma

Mallorca - SPAIN