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- Customer Contract Agreement means the legally binding agreement between the Customer and Enjoy-Mallorca to complete a Booking and confirm the acknowledgment of the Customer 

- Booking means a reservation for a stay at the Property by a Customer 

- Booking Confirmation means written notification of a Booking sent by Enjoy-Mallorca 

- Booking Request means an inquiry submitted to Enjoy-Mallorca for a Stay at a Property by a Customer: means any person making a Booking through Enjoy-Mallorca or making use of the Property during the Stay 

- Property/ies means a villa, apartment or other accommodation a Customer agrees to book through the Company on behalf of the Owner and includes all the services, facilities and amenities offered there 

- Total Rent means the total amount worth of the stay (without fees) 

- First Down Payment is the 30% of the Total Rent due to confirm the Booking 

- Final Payment of the Rent means the remaining amount paid by the Customer and owed to Owner sixty (60) days prior to Stay 

- Damage Deposit means the amount required to be paid by Customer and held in trust by Enjoy-Mallorca in case Customer causes damage to the Property or otherwise violates the terms of the Customer Contract Agreement 

- Check-In/Check-Out Date means the arrival and departure date specified in a Booking 

- Stay means the dates the Property has been reserved for in the Booking 

- Fees mean all amounts payable to Enjoy-Mallorca by the Customer under this Agreement other than the Total Rent







1/ Enjoy-Mallorca SL acts as a booking agent for the Property it books. When you make a Booking, you are entering into a contract with the property represented by Enjoy-Mallorca SL, not with Enjoy-Mallorca SL itself. 

2/ Bookings of private vacation accommodation can be made in written form or by word of mouth. They become binding upon receipt of a First Down Payment to the account of Enjoy Mallorca S.L., as the intermediary between Customer and Owner. 

3/ The first down payment confirms the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of business as well as the conclusion of the lease. 

4/ Once you have paid the First Down Payment and is received by Enjoy Mallorca S.L, we will send you a Booking Confirmation thus being the confirmation of this Customer's Agreement.

5/ Property availability, conditions and prices are subject to change prior to us confirming your Booking Confirmation. 

6/When you make a request, we will confirm availability first with Owner.

7/ You must be over 18 years of age to make a Booking.

8/ We reserve the right to refuse Bookings at our sole discretion.




1/ Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the First Down Payment of 30% of the Total Rent is due to confirm your Booking; Failure to pay within this period entitles Enjoy Mallorca S.L. to cancel the Booking and to incur liabilities to other parties. 

2/ The Final Payment of the Rent (plus possible additional charges) is due 60 days prior to Arrival Date without the issuance of further requests of payment. 

3/ If you book within 60 days of the Arrival Date this will constitute a Late Booking and we must receive full payment of the Total Rent to guarantee the Property is reserved for you. 




1/ Enjoy-Mallorca SL requires a Damage Deposit to be paid by Customer prior to the Arrival Date.

2/ The refundable Damage Deposit (to cover charges, including but not limited to, loss, breakage, unpaid local charges, excessive cleaning and additional maintenance), as shown in the invoice, must also be paid before/at the Arrival Date. 

3/ Enjoy-Mallorca SL, at its sole discretion, will hold the Damage Deposit in any format or location 4/ Customer shall notify Enjoy-Mallorca SL of damages to facilities or furnishings within twenty-four (24) hours following Arrival Date. Complaints issued at a later point cannot be considered. 

5/ It is your responsibility to ensure that the Property's inventory is accurate upon your arrival and that we are notified of any discrepancies within 24 hours of arrival; Unless we have been notified, you will be deemed liable for any discrepancies found at Check-Out. 

6. If Enjoy-Mallorca SL does not receive written notification, including Evidence of a claim to the Damage Deposit from Owner within 7 days of the Check-Out Date, Owner forfeits any claim to the Damage Deposit. 

7/ We also reserve the right to retain the full Damage Deposit until the Owner confirms there is no damage to the Property. The Owner must advise Enjoy-Mallorca SL of any issues within 7 days of the Check-Out. 

8/ Should the Damage Deposit prove inadequate to fully cover any costs that may arise, we reserve the right to invoice you for the balance within 30 days from the end of Stay, or at such other time to allow the total cost to be determined. 




The scope of services is established in the contract. Unless affirmed, subsidiary agreements have no effect. 




1/ We aim to ensure that information provided by Owners is accurately advertised by us; However, small differences between the actual Property and its description may occur; We shall not be held liable for any differences of opinion as to the condition or quality of the Property. 

2/ You have opted for a Property in Mallorca. Please bear in mind that the Property might be equipped in a way that does not meet German/UK/your personal criteria in terms of taste and style. However, our vacation Property has its unique charm and style. 

3/ The basic fittings for bedrooms (bed linen, blankets, pillows etc.), bathrooms and the kitchen utilities are provided (towels, tea towels and kitchen equipment etc).  

4/ All keys and other devices for the Property or its contents are your responsibility during the Stay

5/ Please refer to our website for detailed information on a Property. You will find our Properties in exactly the same way it has been described. 

6/ All information contained in our Welcome Pack is intended to be a guide only.




1/ Enjoy Mallorca S.L. acts as an agent for Property. All contracts are issued on behalf of the owner of the property. 

2/ Enjoy Mallorca S.L. and owners shall not accept responsibility for losses to guests for any claims, including but not limited to: 

Responsibility for personal body injury, death, accident, lost, stolen or damaged property, loss of mental or physical enjoyment, delay or inconvenience is at the responsibility of the Customer. 

3/ The Property may have dangers such as swimming pools, dry stone walls, access to roads, steep steps and unfenced drops; As such the Property may not be suitable for you - we do not represent. 

that any Property is totally child friendly; All swimming pools are used at your own risk; You accept complete liability for any accidents caused by or arising out of your own negligence, misuse of the Property or failure to comply with local laws and regulations, including any caused due to alcohol and/or any drugs or medicine of any kind.

4/ Any delays of changes in schedule, itineraries, incurred by any person arising out of any willful or negligent or omission of any carrier, hotel, airline, villa, ground operator or another person who does not render any services or accommodations. 

5/ Monetary crisis, labor problems, economic changes, mechanical maintenance or construction difficulties or noise, climatic aberrations, local laws, novel or unexpected conditions.

6/ Absence of travel documents, passports, visa and health certificates, are not Enjoy-Mallorca’s responsibility. 

7/ Additional expenses due to delay or changes in air or other services, missed carrier connections, substitute accommodation or of common carrier equipment, termination of service, change in fare and rates, cancellation or double booking reservations or tickets, sickness, strike, war, quarantine, pilferage, monetary crisis, political or social unrest, disease, acts of gods or any events beyond our control. 




1/ If in our opinion, the opinion of the Owner or the opinion of our representative, you are, or appear to be, behaving in such a way as to cause, or likely to cause, danger, distress or annoyance to any individual, or damage to the Property, we may terminate the Contract and you will be required to vacate the Property immediately; We will have no further liability to you. 

2/ We expect all Customer to have consideration for other people. Illegal or immoral activities including gambling, prostitution, prohibited drugs, possession or use of pyrotechnics or dangerous goods, and possession or use of firearms and other weapons are all strictly prohibited. 

3/ The Customer is responsible for the behavior of his the guests staying at the Property, as well as visitors to the property during the Stay. Should any guest(s) or visitor(s) not behave in a suitable manner, Enjoy Mallorca SL, the Owner or Owner’s representative may, in their absolute discretion, require the Customer, their party and/or visitor(s) to leave the premises and/or vacate the Property immediately, without compensation or refund. 

4/ Each Villa has a maximum number of permitted guests and unless we otherwise agree in writing you may not allow more guests to stay than the permitted maximum; We reserve the right to invoice you for any such additional persons staying at the Villa.

5/ Smoking is not allowed at the houses. Pets are not allowed unless stated otherwise. 

6/ No liability is taken for noise disturbance caused by constructions on neighboring premises or the likes. 

7/ Owners and Enjoy Mallorca are not liable in case of theft or burglary. In such case, Enjoy Mallorca must be notified of damages caused to the property immediately. 




No animals are allowed in the properties without the prior written consent of Enjoy Mallorca. It should also be noted that in our properties animals are prohibited altogether. An increased damage deposit and the one-off cleaning charge will be required as part of this consent. If during the stay, the damage is caused by the animal we reserve the right to ban the animal from the property. 




1/ Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Property will be available from 16:00h (Check-In) and you must vacate the Property by 11:00h (Check-Out) on the last day of the Stay. 

2/ It is your responsibility to inform us of your arrival details; We are not liable for any additional costs or any disappointment you may incur if you fail to give us the correct arrival details. 

3/ Although we make every effort to accommodate late arrivals on prior request in writing, arrivals after 21:00h on the Arrival Date (or 21:00h on a later date if you do not arrive on the Arrival Date), including delays due to delayed or canceled flights or ferries, may be subject to a late Check-In fee, which could be deducted from your Damage Deposit. 

3/ Departure cleaning is included to your reservation but what you need to do before check out is:

  • Empty the fridge and ensure no food is left in the property.

  • Load the dishwasher and turn it on (no need to wait for it to finish)

  • Strip bed linen and leave it by the door

  • Remove all rubbish

  • Remember to switch off the lights and close doors and windows

Please ensure that you have not forgotten anything at the house.

4/ If you fail to vacate the Property by 11:00h on the last day of the Stay, we reserve the right to charge you for any and all additional costs incurred by Enjoy Mallorca or Owner. 




1/ You are deemed to have canceled your booking if you provide written confirmation of cancellation.

2/ All payments are non-refundable unless agreed in writing by Enjoy-Mallorca. 

3/ If we need to cancel your booking we will advise you within 72 hours, and; 

3.1/ change your booking to a suitable comparable property (in terms of location, Rental Price and size) within our portfolio with the same Arrival Date and Stay; or, 

3.2/ change your booking to an alternate property within our portfolio with the same Arrival Date and Stay and refund you the difference; or, 

3.3/ cancel your booking completely and issue a full refund of all monies paid by the Customer. 



Updated 01/2023


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