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A Trip to: Sant Elm & Sa Dragonera

Named after its dragon-like shape, Sa Dragonera is a little island separated from the western coast of Mallorca with a length of only one kilometre. Declared as protected land, nature lovers come here to enjoy the beautiful hikes in the Natural Parc with its huge variety of species and plants, especially the different types of lizards that you can see all around the island.

Dragonera, here we go!

First things first: Where do we start? Heading to the west coast of our beautiful island, we found ourselves in the lovely little village Sant Elm, around a 40 minutes’ drive from Palma by car. Alternatively, you could also take the TIB bus to Andratx and from there to Sant Elm (but please consider that this needs more time). In Sant Elm you just need to follow the signs to the ferry station to the Sa Dragonera National Parc.

Checklist for going to Dragonera Island:

- Sunglasses - Sunscreen - Hat - Camera (Do not miss to take pictures!) - Water & Food

- Appropriate shoes

How to get there:

The only way to access the national parc is by boat and takes about 20 minutes. We went with Cruceros Margarita that takes off directly in Sant Elm nearly every hour. You get the tickets on the boat, the price is 13€ (in 2018, return included). On the boat you can buy some drinks in case you have not brought anything with you. On the island itself there are no shops to buy food or drinks.

Arriving at Sa Dragonera you get a little introduction by a guide giving you more information about the island and what to do there (which is mostly hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery). After that you can discover the island on your own. There are four different hiking paths of different levels and durations that you can take. Due to the fact that we were not highly experienced hikers and the weather at the end of August was still quite hot, the guide recommended only the first two hiking paths. We took the second one that leads you to a lighthouse – Far de Tramuntana – and takes around 40 minutes. During the walk you can enjoy the beautiful views at the Sierra de Tramuntana as well as the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean Sea – untouched nature at its best! There is also a little beach where you can relax after your hike.

If you still have some time left after coming back from Dragonera, we recommend having a little stop-by at the beach of Sant Elm.

All in all, Sa Dragonera is definitely worth a visit for everyone who enjoys nature and outdoor activities in the fresh air. The hikes are easily made up for every hikers’ level from beginners to advanced and all of them include awesome views over the mountains and the sea!


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