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Need Furniture? We know someone!

Imagine the following: You have been in Mallorca and back on a long (or maybe also not so long) flight, the return is hard, you are tired and missing your holiday feelings..

Good for you that we have a pretty easy solution for that: Get in touch with our two favorite furniture suppliers !

Danish design & interior representing a mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living


Inspired by travel and nature, Tinek combines colors and traditional crafts to collections that with their consistent Scandinavian simplicity fits so nicely in the times design trend. The collection consists of interior, fabrics and furniture based on Tines own designs as well as the unique finds from various overseas trips in particular Vietnam, Morocco and Portugal. With respect for history, culture and traditional handcraft, Tine creates a series of clean and elegant style which together results in timeless collections where colors and materials are in focus. Tine's passion for dusty colors and raw materials shines through in both the furniture collections as well as home accessories series


''We want to be referred to as an exclusive global universe, known for its natural and handmade products and unique finds expressive of culture, its history and traditional craftmanship. A universe representing a mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living, where you can find inspiration.''

Antiques, deco & furniture | Retail & wholesale | Unique pieces & slow fashion from all over the world.


Obsolete, although officially launched in 2015, is the culmination of a lifetime spent travelling the world in search of unique objects that shine through their history and imperfection.

Much like its objects, Obsolete is a result of impermanence and transience, where a creative sensibility and a sharp intuition has guided its evolution across several decades and continents, through shifting trends and concepts, to becoming a favourite interiors shop for private and professional clients worldwide, loved for it’s bringing together of nature, craftsmanship, and a unique exploration of textural diversity.


From Venezuela to Mongolia, India to Morocco, our curation process is predicated on authenticity, informed by our extensive travels, collaboration with generations of local artisans, and encounters with unique pieces that celebrate time-honoured traditions.


Visit the shops in Valldemossa, Deia and Palma !                                                                      


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