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We attended the Foro Vacacional 2018 in Palma de Mallorca

As holiday rental agency we always try to stay updated and informed about all current news, changes and new innovations in our sector. Therefore, without question, we also attended the Foro Vacacional about the industry and future of hospitality and holiday rental in Mallorca, taking place at the stadium of RCD Mallorca, Son Moix.

These forums are made for all professionals in the sector and those who are a holiday rental owner (or who wants to become one) to educate about the legal situations on the Balearic Islands and what new possibilities and innovations are to expect in the future. During the four-hour event you got to hear lots of interesting speeches and could attend and take part in an open discussion with professionals and representatives.

If you are interested in the topic we highly recommend the Foro Vacacional, because they provide you with many useful information in the sector of holiday rental and tourism in Spain, not only in these public talks if not also online on their website.

We always consider these forums as a perfect opportunity for us to stay on track on the latest happenings and to always become aware of the newest changes (and – as we all know – there were quite a lot here in Mallorca recently).

After all, it is to offer you the most professional and sincere service!


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