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Nit de l’art came to town again!

Visit an art gallery, gazing at different paintings, sculptures and photographies in the streets of Palma, wondering what the bigger meaning behind the artwork is, sounds like something you always wanted to do? Or just walking through the old city and take a random look at art pieces every now and then? Nit de l’art makes it possible! It is a yearly event taking place in Palma in the middle of September. A special night dedicated to art and everything related to it, where both art enthusiasts and people who are not as much drawn to the fine arts (like us) get the unique chance of visiting several galleries and have a look at many great artists who show their work in the streets of the city – and all that for free!

Of course, we had to go there and check it out!

When arriving at Placa Major, we were situated right in the center of all the happenings. With a DJ giving you the right music and many different art pieces to marvel at, we can say that the atmosphere was quite lively already.

Following down the streets of the old town it became quickly obvious why the whole quarter was filled with people and interested visitors: At every corner you had something else to take a look at, be it a dynamic choir singing Coldplay songs, artists who sculpture a human face out of a stone or musicians who lighten the mood with their unbending songs and create a nice atmosphere to sit around and enjoy the music.

Heading to La Lonja we also had the chance to sneak into some galleries and check out their different exhibition pieces. Streets were packed with people strolling from one gallery to another, making a quick stop at the neighbouring bar to grab a drink and have a nice (arty) chat with others and all of this at 00:30 in the morning. No one thinking of going home yet, after all this night only happens one time a year, so you should get the most out of it!

Check out some artwork in our gallery:

If you have been staying in Palma, we hope you did not lose this special night and could enjoy a little insight into the cities’ art scene! We for sure had a nice time and will definitely be back next year!


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