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Esporles - A Village worth visiting

We all know by now that Mallorca is one of the most favouritisized places by tourists. By having so many visitors per year Mallorca has now switched its economy and is now dependent on the tourism industry to survive. It’s hard to imagine now since we are so used to tourism being our main income but before Mallorca became a top destination for tourists, it was just another island whose income came from agriculture, exporting, importing etc.

A great example of this ancient atmosphere is the amazing and cozy village of Esporles. Located in the zone of the Sierra Tramuntana, approximately 15 km away from Palma. It is the perfect place to be in for people who are looking for a calm, rustic and cultural place rather than crowded, noizy and packed with people. Sierra Tramuntana is a mountain range that runs from northwest to northeast of Mallorca and was awarded the World Heritage Status in 2011 by UNESCO. Esporles might seem small but it has everything one would need to live there. It has everything from pharmacies, markets and cafes to libraries, museums, and shops.

Before tourism became the base of their economy, Esporles was traditionally based on agriculture, animal husbandry and textile industry.

This is all shown on the farm-museum of Esporles, La Granja where you will discover what life was like 400 years ago. We mentioned before that the textile industry was big a long time ago in Esporles but now the only visible sign of it is the old remaining factory which is now turned into a library.

The village itself does not have many hotels and hostels but who needs that when you can just rent beautiful, rustic and fantastic houses in the village itself?

For that we have Enjoy Mallorca Rentals which is a family owned holiday rental agency from Valldemossa. We have amazing properties to rent so you would live in a typical mallorquin house while supporting the locals and the economy of the village. The mallorcans love it when people show interest in their culture and are not only interested in parties and mass tourism. Living in a village like this is perfect for that since you can go out to socialize, make connections with the locals and learn about their culture. They are happy to tell you about it.

A good suggestion is to attend the weekly market on the main street where you will find everything from fruits and vegetables to all kinds of handicrafts.

In a place like Mallorca where there are so many international companies and tourists it is essential to support your locals if you want to be able to return to the same Mallorca next year too.

By choosing Enjoy Mallorca Rentals (a family owned rental agency), buying food from the market d just generally supporting the locals you contribute to the economy and the development of sustainable tourism and that is one of the best and selfless things to do.


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