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The view matters! Trying out Hostal Cuba Sky Bar

Sky bars never disappoint. It is fact. Who does not fancy a nice view over a beautiful city while sipping a nice cold drink, listening to some smooth music? We certainly do! And as we know that you do too, of course we did not hesitate to check out the best sky bars here in Palma!

Hostal Cuba has made its name in our city. Although it has only 15 rooms, it stands out of the mass with its unique room designs, the perfect location in the trendy neighbourhood Santa Catalina, a club downstairs and of course – the sky bar.

Everyone passing by Cuba and looking above, realizing that there is a sky bar, will instantly think for himself: I want to go up there! But let us be honest, in most cases we do not do it.

But after living in Palma for many months and walking past Cuba even more often, we did not just say that we want to go up there, we also did it for real (finally, one should say).

Going back to the beginning of this post, the bar did not disappoint at all! In fact, you do not only see the awesome port of Palma at night, but also the illuminated cathedral and – if you look further the many flashing night lights of the city, too. All in all, one more proof that Palma is such a beautiful city to live in and that the views from the rooftop terrace are totally worth it. When you think of that, it does not hurt too much paying for a 14€ cocktail or a 9€ glass of Cava (although it still hurts). No surprise that in a sky bar the prices are all a bit over the top compared to other bars. But in this case, it is a burden that we were happy to take in exchange for stunning views, a great atmosphere and a really nice and courteous staff.

If you are spending a night in Palma, Hostal Cuba is definitely a place to pay a visit, although we recommend you booking a table in advance to get a nice one directly at the front to get the full experience!

Our tip: If you are more like a morning person, you should try out the breakfast buffet which is also served upstairs at the sky bar! Is there any better way to start your day?



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