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Finca Especial - Esporles

Why should people choose these properties in Esporles? What is even Esporles and what is so different about it?

Despite what we are used to thinking that Mallorca is the place to be in if you like beaches, crowded areas and nightlife, Mallorca is so much more than that. It is a place full of culture, life and history. You just have to know where to look to find all of this.

One of those places is Esporles, a mountain village set close to the Sierra Tramuntana in the western area of Mallorca. Sierra Tramuntana is a mountain range that extends across the west side of the island. It has become an incredibly famous destination ever since it got its status as a world heritage in 2011 by UNESCO.

Esporles is a small and quiet place with a charming look. Even though its small it still has

everything you need such as pharmacy, restaurants, and shops. The main street is lined with

beautiful trees that spread their shadows over the streets making it very enjoyable for

people to just sit in the shadow and have a coffee away from the hot sun. The street is filled with lots of wonderful stone houses which are all connected to each other thanks to the antique narrow lanes. This place is a perfect holiday destination for everyone who just wants to escape the noisy and touristic streets of Palma and live a tranquil village life. The only thing separating Esporles from Palma is a 20 minute car ride.

The thing that makes Esporles recognizable is the rustic stone houses that we mentioned

earlier and the main topic of this article. We at Enjoy Mallorca Rentals happen to have one of these houses, Finca Especial. And it’s impatiently waiting for its next happy customers.

It is located on a hill so the customers will for sure have a nice view of the mountain. You can spot the style of the house from the entrance since it has a rustic wall around it and a unique metal gate that opens all the way if you wish to bring your car with you.

The property consists of 4 buildings. The main house with the huge kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and the toilets. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything that you would need to cook a nice meal for your family, or maybe a Paella.

The second building is the little casita which consist of 2 bedrooms with a bathroom each and on the second floor there is a bigger family room. We have a garage where

you can park your car and there you will find the recycling corner.

And finally, we have the barbeque next to the pool with its own stone oven that just makes the food taste celestial.

The pool is very spacious, and it even has its own little cave which makes it look so special and unique. The garden surrounding the house is wonderful and full of statues and a variety of different plants which really adds to the whole experience of Finca Especial.

The property is perfect for big friend groups or bigger families since it can accommodate up to 12 people.

So are you ready to finally find out why these houses are so well spoken of and to have your own experience and opinion about it? The village of Esporles is going to welcome you with open arms and Finca Especial is waiting for you. Contact us and we will help and guide you through everything.

We fix the house and everything else, all you have to do is ENJOY MALLORCA.

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